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When I'm not doing my day job as network administrator for a foreign policy think tank( Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis ) I can be found watching movies in my home theater, working on various client web sites or reading Harry Potter fanfiction. I commute to Cambridge from our home in Rhode Island each day which gives me lots of time on the train to read.

I have upgraded my home theater. All of my video and audio signals are now pushed through
a Denon AVR3806 with the new HDMI connectors. This unit is the heart of my system.
My primary high definition DVD player is now the Oppo BD-83 Blu-Ray my backup is the
Toshiba HD-DVD A2.
To get the picture on my 92" Stewart Greyhawk Filmscreen I use an Optoma HD7100 which is a
HD 720p DLP® home theater projector and a studio-quality imaging processor featuring
Texas Instruments' DarkChip3™ technology.

I was born on the coast (Damariscotta) but grew up in Northern Maine which irreversibly instilled in me a love for the out-of-doors. Ruth & I both enjoy camping, hiking and kayaking the rivers
lakes & harbors of New England.

My son (Jason) and daughter (Kelly) one is inVermont,
the other down South with her partner.
I'm very proud of them both and wish them all the best in life.

Kelly, Ruth, Jason,  
	  Happy Dad
Kelly, Ruth, Jason, Gary - Bath, ME
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